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PBM-6 for asphalt concrete

Recycling trade LLC specializes in the implementation of the most advanced, modern, innovative technologies in road construction, and offers road construction companies to move to a new stage of production of asphalt concrete mixes to create high-quality roads and highways .
We present to You one of our developments bitumen Mineral powder (PBM-6), manufactured in accordance with TU VU 391816157.001-2017. Analogues of our PBM-6 have long won the world market for modern road construction. Roadbed with the use of PBM-6 in the formulation shows the potential for coating quality with a significant reduction in price, compared to similar mixtures. The constant rise in the price of oil leads to an increase in the cost of bitumen and, as a result, the asphalt concrete mixture becomes significantly more expensive. The struggle for the market forces us to search for ways to reduce the cost, without losing the quality of the finished product.

Asphalt concrete based on PBM-6 is quality, availability and benefit.
PBM-6 is obtained by grinding and crushing roof waste and waterproofing bituminous materials, followed by sieving of crushing products. PBM-6 – is a collection of irregular-shaped particles that retain the composition, structure and properties of recycled waste bitumen-containing materials. The material is manufactured and packaged in big bags weighing 1 ton for further shipment to the consumer.
In certain proportions and with strict technology, PBM-6 is introduced by a screw into the asphalt mix when prepared at asphalt plants. Technical result:
– Increasing the compressive and shear strength of asphalt concrete.
-Saving expensive bitumen.
– The possibility of replacement of crushed granite by cheaper dolomite
– No need to introduce mineral powder into the formulation.
-Allows you to completely abandon expensive Shma granules, since PBM-6 already contains initially cellulose, which improves the properties of the finished asphalt concrete, stabilizes due to dispersed micro-reinforcement.
PBM-6 is effectively introduced into the composition of cold asphalt CONCRETE soms. Use for patching. The greatest effect is obtained when preparing porous asphalt concretes of the lower layers (replacing road bitumen up to 80% of the standard formulation while simultaneously leaving for lower-grade large components, without losing strength properties).
PBM-6 is effectively cheap and easy to use for patching asphalt pavement. The powder has proven itself in the elimination of cracks, potholes and other minor defects in the coating.
The extensive scope of PBM-6 allows you to design various formulations of asphalt concrete mixes for the road industry.
Recycling trade LLC has a material and technical base and is ready to design for You the recipes of asphalt concrete mixes for Your components with the provision of ready-made samples for independent tests to confirm the quality.
Recycling trade LLC is ready to enter into contracts for both the supply of PBM-6 and laboratory consulting services with regard to the use of our products.
Using PBM-6 in asphalt concrete, You will always be one step ahead of the competition. The performance properties of asphalt concrete with PBM-6 are confirmed by reviews and acts of many organizations that have used and are using them in road construction works.
Using PBM-6, you will always be one step ahead of The competition.!!!

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