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We present to You one of our developments – bitumen Mineral powder (PBM-3) manufactured in accordance with TU VU 391816157.001-2017.

PBM-3 is a completely ready-to-use powder based on petroleum bitumen in the volume of 80%, containing mineral impurities and technological additives in the volume of 20%.
To obtain a bituminous waterproofing mastic, you only need to dilute our bituminous powder with AI-92 gasoline or a solvent at the rate of 1 kg PBM-3, per 300g. gasoline or solvent, and to obtain a waterproofing primer, it is necessary to dilute our bitumen-mineral powder with AI-92 gasoline or solvent, but at the rate of 1 kg PBM-3, per 500g. add gasoline or solvent and mix thoroughly until completely dissolved. Preparation of mastic or PRIMER from PBM-3 takes no more time or effort than preparation for the work of all the usual mastics and primers from other manufacturers. However, money savings, including the cost of solvents, reach up to 50%. PBM-3 is a cold-applied material and the process of applying to the surface is much easier and safer.
Prepared PBM-3 in the form of mastic or primer, can be applied to materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, wood, etc.
For the application of our material we recommend the use of a spatula, brush, roller or special spray gun with compressor. PBM-3 is Packed in plastic eurovedra with a handle and a tight lid of 20 l. / 10 l. / 5 l. / 3 l., directly in which it is convenient to knead, transfer and store the resulting material. our products are stored in a dry, ventilated place protected from direct sunlight at temperatures from-20C to +30C with a warranty period of 6 months from the date of release.
It is transported by all types of transport in accordance with the rules of transportation of flammable goods. HS code 2715 00 000 0, packaging in PET buckets for retail with placement on a pallet (pallet 80cm.x120cm.):

-3.25 liters (3kg), 200 pieces per pallet. The weight of a full pallet is 2.13 kg. x 200 PCs. +17kg. = 443kg.

-5.8 liters (5kg), 126 pieces per pallet. The weight of a full pallet is 3.35 kg. x 126pcs.+17kg. = 440kg.

-11 liters (10 kg.), 77 pieces per pallet. The weight of a full pallet is 7.4 kg. x 77pcs.+17kg. = 587kg.

-20 liters (20 kg.), 32 pieces per pallet. The weight of a full pallet is 14.6 kg. x 32pcs.+17kg. = 485kg.

You can find detailed schemes of placement on a pallet and sizes of buckets below under the training video, in the section “Technical documentation”.



Using PBM-3, you will always be one step ahead of The competition!!!
PBM-3 is a high — quality, simple and profitable waterproofing!



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