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MBD for VIR technologies

We present to You one of our developments – crushed bitumen material (MBD) manufactured in accordance with TU VU 391816157.003-2019.
MBD is a completely ready-to-use powder based on petroleum bitumen in a volume of at least 50%, containing mineral impurities of no more than 50%. The aggregate of irregular-shaped particles that preserve the composition, structure and properties of processed waste of bitumen-containing materials, including cellulose fibers, provides strength and durability of the coating due to dispersed micro-reinforcement. MBD is obtained by grinding and crushing roof waste and waterproofing bituminous materials, and is packaged in big bags weighing 1 ton for further shipment to the consumer.

MBD is the main component in VIR technology, which allows year-round high-quality capital repairs of soft roofs at very low costs. The roof made using VIR technology is monolithic – it has no seams. Repair and construction organizations that use VIR technologies for roof repairs note significant savings in time and money when using MBD:
– There is no need to purchase expensive equipment for the preparation of MBD
-Reduce labor and overhead costs.
-Speeds up the repair process by using ready-made material.
Recycling trade LLC has a material and technical base and a full package of documents for acceptance for the disposal of roofing waste, which allows our partners to save on transport costs. Unloaded waste – loaded the MBD.

MBD is about quality, availability and benefits!!!

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